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Last night’s episode saw the 8 Pack Alliance starting to slowly crumble in the midst of deciding who to evict. Paulie wanted to go after Victor for trying to get him evicted last week and who was also an ally to Jozea. The veterans were starting to get annoyed with the paranoia of Tiffany and her lack of loyalty to the alliance. It seems as though the decision was not clear. However in the end Bronte, Victor or Tiffany was sent packing and a new HOH was crowned. But first here’s my recap of last night’s live eviction episode!

Keeping Team Unicorn Intact

Being in the trenches of possibly getting evicted, Victor tried to start swaying votes in his favor and the first houseguests he tried convincing were his own Team Unicorn teammates, Natalie and James. The fact that two members of their team were nominated, Victor tried convincing them that they’d be stronger in keeping the team intact and voting out Tiffany. Natalie’s best friend in the house Bronte was nominated, was not going to be a choice for her but voting out Tiffany or Victor were still on the table and her vote was undecided. I think Victor’s attempt was good but could it have been a little too late? Also I was surprised that the whole house knew he had won the BB Roadkill winner, but it was revealed that Victor did tell most people that he did win.

8 Pack Showing Flaws

Tiffany not feeling confident in the 8 pack alliance started to form bonds with the Spy Girls Alliance who she had observed forming the previous week. She made a good argument to Bridgette, Bronte and Natalie about getting the girls to team up. It was interesting that Tiffany did point out that the boys in the house were starting to dwindle, which was an observation Victor had made earlier and was the reason for Tiffany’s nomination. But with Tiffany’s paranoia it led to some of the veterans making new ties and new side alliances within the 8 pack alliance.

Frank wanted to clue in the HOH Paulie about the 8 pack alliance and to possible persuade in changing the target from Victor to Tiffany. Paulie was surprised there was an alliance actually formed with people Paulie had already built trust with and was humbled in hearing the information. Meanwhile Da’Vonne, James and Nicole were starting to see the power Frank was starting to have and this was not pleasant to them. Da’Vonne was visibly upset because when Zakiyah was informed, she told Da’Vonne that she spoke with Paulie about creating a side alliance with Nicole and Corey. Da’Vonne was not for it because it’s becoming clear that Zakiyah and Paulie as well as Nicole and Corey were budding showmances and in the five person alliance the odd one out would be Da’Vonne. This created possible planning in a future week to start getting rid of Frank before it’s too late and Da’Vonne reconsidering keeping Tiffany and going back to voting out Victor.

Victor Evicted

In a surprise vote of 9-1-0, Tiffany received no votes against her and for those who watch the live feeds, this is no surprise because of all the strategy that does go on that usually may get left out during flashbacks in an episode. Paul was the lone vote against Bronte, which left Victor Arroyo the 25 year old Gym Manager from Sidell, LA with the majority and was evicted from the Big Brother house. Julie did however told Victor about another one of this summer’s twist called “The Battle Back,” where the first 5 evicted houseguests would get a shot of reentering the game. We’ll have a few more weeks to go before we see this play out.

Bridgette Aces to HOH

Now that Paulie’s reign as HOH was over a new one was needed to be decided. This week’s HOH competition “Kiss my ace,” was a tennis inspired competition. The houseguests competed in their teams and one at a time threw a ball to bounce off their tennis racket on a board. The houseguest with the lowest score would be eliminated and with ties in lower scoring those houseguests would be eliminated; unless it was all four then they’d go until someone was eliminated. The surprise was by the end of the 8th round there was still at least one person on each team still in the competition. It was down to either Category4’s Bridgette, Team Unicorn’s Natalie, Big Sister’s Paul and The Freakazoid’s Tiffany. In the final round it was either Bridgette or Paul and unfortunately for Paul the “power of friendship,” didn’t come through for him and Bridgette was crowned this upcoming week’s HOH. Which also meant Paulie, Michelle and Frank were all safe from eviction for the second week in a row.

Top Three Houseguests

  1. Frank – His social game is improving and he’s still a competition beast. I think he learned a lot from his season with veterans in the house and now himself being a veteran is showing his dominance in the game.
  2. Paulie – Securing the HOH this week and getting his target out of the house. He is however looking to have a budding showmance with Zakiyah and we’ll see if that will either hinder or help him in his game.
  3. Paul – Saving himself once again from eviction and almost winning HOH shows he’s fighting to stay in the game. Very similar to a veteran in the house (Frank) who was a newbie in their season struggling to survive in the game.

Bottom Three Houseguests

  1. Bronte – Even though she may have been a pawn, being nominated is never a good thing. But what’s worse is still not being in the know of what’s going on in the house. Now that her fellow Spy Girl is in power, it’s safe to assume Bronte will not be nominated.
  2. Tiffany – Her paranoia is getting the best of her. Not trusting her own alliance shows her lack of loyalty and being overly emotion does not bode well in the game. Escaping eviction after possible rumblings of being evicted is a feat in itself in the Big Brother house.
  3. Da’Vonne – As much as Da’Vonne is trying to keep her mouth shut, it’s getting harder to do when another veteran seems to be dominating the game and when her fellow ally’s are also forming side alliances.

Prediction for BB Roadkill & Nominations

I would like to see Paul win BB Roadkill but I’m predicting Frank to win it. With Bridgette in Power she’ll have her sights on not nominating a female and target the boys. So I predict the HOH’s nominations to be Paul and Corey. Then for the BB Roadkill nomination for eviction to be if it’s Frank, to be Da’Vonne because I have a feeling word will get to him about Da’Vonne possibly trying to evict Frank before he evicts her or anyone she may be align too. Tune in on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see who Bridgette will nominate for eviction, who win’s the BB Roadkill competition and who that winner nominates for eviction!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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