DETROIT (WWJ) – It’ll all be about ‘where’ you are, not ‘who’ you are – if you are to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota are among the top rated places to live should the undead start roaming this country according to Estately real estate blog.

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How will Michiganders fare in a zombie attack? It would seem UP’ers would have a better chance than those in the lower mitten. It’s all about room to roam and if you’re in Midtown you might be on the brunch menu.

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But all is not lost, the state of Michigan lands just south of the middle (in at 26) in regards to most key factors of survival.

We’re 29th in terms of fewest people per square mile and gun owners per capita. Unfortunately, Michiganders rank 39th in terms of physical activity and that could spell trouble when your running from the zombie herd — think running and screaming at the same time. You better start incorporating that into the workout on the treadmill.

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If you’re thinking of moving to another state — you’re advised not to head toward the East Coast. Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Rhode Island and densely packed and mostly brazen New York are at the bottom of the list.