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It’s official! Last night we saw the end of the twist that is the “BB Roadkill,” and the team twist on Big Brother. But first — Da’Vonne, Natalie and Tiffany were on the chopping block for eviction. Siblings Cody Calafiore and Vanessa Russo weighed in on how their siblings were doing in the competition. Another houseguest was sent packing and was revealed about the Battle back competition that would finally be shown tonight! Here’s my recap of last night’s live eviction episode!

Trying to get Da’Vonne Out

With Da’Vonne on the block, Tiffany’s main goal was to try and get her former ally out. The “shade” was real as Da’Vonne flipped her hair on Tiffany during the POV ceremony. Paulie however was determined to make sure to get his target, Tiffany out of the house. So Da’Vonne just needs to lay low. Tiffany tried to continue to campaign against Da’Vonne by exposing her secrets to Nicole and Paulie. James exposes information to Paulie. Da’Vonne wants to target the showmances, Paulie and Zakiyah as well as Nicole and Corey, however not James’ with Natalie.

Former Siblings Weigh In

Two very different takes on how their siblings were playing in the Big Brother house. Paulie’s younger brother and season 16 runner up, Cody Calafiore has only good things to say. He said Paulie was forming great alliances but though his main ally would have been Tiffany. For Vanessa Russo of season 17, Tiffany’s weakness was Da’Vonne’s loyalty. However once Tiffany realized she was being betrayed she started to work into saving herself and Vanessa feels confident that her sister would go far if she survives this week.

It’s The End Of The Road For Tiffany

Unfortunately Tiffany doesn’t survive another week. By a unanimous vote of 8 – 0 – 0, Tiffany Russo the 32 year old High School Math Teacher from Palm Gardens Beach, FL was sent packing. However Julie Chen revealed to Tiffany about a possible come back into the game in the form of the Battle Back competition. But she would have to face either Glenn, Jozea, Victor or Bronte in getting a shot to go back into the house for a chance at the half a million dollar prize. So this may not be the end for Tiffany or for another evicted houseguest.

Top Three Houseguests

  1. Paulie – Winning this past week’s HOH and being in power for the second time is securing Paulie’s dominance in the game.
  2. Corey – Having won the POV to save himself Corey showed he’s actually in it to win it and not just floating by.
  3. James – With his flirtmance in tact, James may be relying on his old ways of last season by using his social game in his favor but he’s the only returning houseguest right now who’s showing to be a threat.

Bottom Three Houseguests

  1. Da’Vonne – Being exposed of her game by Tiffany and Frank, Da’Vonne has had a rough week. She survived this past eviction but her time may be running up.
  2. Frank – After last week trying to evict Tiffany and to this week trying to save her, Frank’s game is in shambles. Now with the teams disbanded he’s looking to be a threat to the rest of the house.
  3. Nicole – This week we saw Nicole’s old form in getting caught up in her showmance. It almost got her put on the block but also showing she’s relying on her showmance to get further in the game.

Prediction For Battle Back

I think all the past five evicted houseguest all have a good shot at returning. However the one that will win their shot back will be the one who wants it the most and with a little bit of luck. I predict it will come down to either Bronte or Victor getting back into the game. They’ll face off with Tiffany and one of them will be triumphant. Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS Detroit for this special episode where we see all five of the first evicted houseguest get their shot to get back into the game!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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