By: Evan Jankens

Michigan fans will probably start lining up at the M Den early Sunday morning for their first chance to get the Jumpman Michigan gear.

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The football jersey won’t be released until August 2 but it appears someone took a Snapchat of the new Jumpman football jerseys and I don’t think any Michigan fan will be upset.

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Both uniforms are basically identical to what they wore during the 2015 season. With the Jumpman logo on the upper left of the jersey, it doesn’t take away from the tradition of Michigan nor is it any different from when they previously wore Nike before they signed with Adidas in 2007.

The road uniforms appear to be the throwbacks from the 1974 season. Which was requested by Jim Harbaugh.

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I have been very vocal about how it hurts me personally that my favorite athlete of all time would sponsor the team I grew up hating, but I will admit they are actually as cool as can be. Every part of me wanted Jordan Brand to ruin their uniforms but there shouldn’t be any complaints from any fan if these are indeed the uniforms they were during the 2016 season.