DETROIT (WWJ) – A hazardous materials situation at the Waste Water Treatment plant in southwest Detroit has been contained.

Detroit Fire Chief John King says a HAZMAT team and firefighters were called out to the scene, in the 9300-block of West Jefferson Ave., later Thursday morning about a chlorine leak.

“You have a tanker car…they pull into the facility here and they discharge chlorine into the facility here — that’s what helps treat the water,” King explained.”Well, one of the hoses got compromised — a rupture — and it caused the chlorine to come out.”

King said there was a fear that a plume of chlorine could head toward Detroit neighborhoods, but fumes never reached any local residents.

“No, not at all. We monitor even out here. It would have had to go past us first,” King said.

The leak has been capped. While there was some concern about air quality, tests showed no problems.

Thursday afternoon, the Great Lakes Water Authority, which operates the plant, issued the following statement:

“Earlier today, Thursday, August 11, 2016, a limited amount of chlorine leaked from a chemical feed line into a process building at the Wastewater Treatment Plant operated by the Great Lakes Water Authority. The leak was immediately contained. Emergency response personnel evaluated the scene and determined there was no danger to public health.

“There were no injuries to personnel.  All early warning systems were activated and operated as planned. As is standard protocol, the emergency response staff onsite notified appropriate local, state and federal agencies. Presently, the building’s air control system is removing chlorine from the atmosphere inside the building.  Further, there is no impact to drinking water or surface water related to this circumstance.”