DETROIT (WWJ) – There was some big star power in Greektown as Mark Wahlberg walked the red carpet for a VIP party ahead of the opening of his Wahlburgers restaurant.

An A&E crew was there along with WWJ’s Sandra McNeill as Wahlberg made his way to greet fans and media for the business unveil in Greektown.

Telling reporters that he plans to check in to his restaurant in Detroit often, Wahlberg says the whole area is thriving and he wants to be a part of it.

“The casinos, the and other locations that we are looking at around the Michigan area — we want to generate as much business for, not only Wahlburgers but, everybody else,” said Wahlberg. “And remind people what a great state Michigan is and what a great city Detroit is — but it’s already coming back and we are excited to be here.”

Wahlberg says he wants to push for more incentives to film more movies and TV shows in Michigan and that he would like to open more businesses here.

Fans like Marie Donnel were impressed that Wahlberg went into the crowd and took time to pose for selfies.

“I love you,” she told Wahlberg when she had the chance .. to which he replied, ‘thank you for coming.'”

He loves the city, he said, name checking the Tigers, Red Wings, Lions, the University of Michigan and Spartans football. “If not my team, then why not them?” he said.

“Detroit, it’s all about family and it’s about hard work,” he said, adding, “People want to go out, they work hard, and they want to experience great food in a family atmosphere. And, I mean this reminds me very much of Boston, great sports town. And, like I said, very family oriented.”

So, what would it take to entice him to move from Boston to Detroit?

“My wife’s permission, that’s all it takes is my wife’s permission — She makes all the rules,” he said.



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