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Tonight we’ll see a juror return and another houseguest possibly leaving the Big Brother house. But first, last night’s episode saw the aftermath of Paul & Victor’s nomination for eviction. We saw the end of last week’s punishments for Corey and Paul from the ZingBot competition. With the stress of being HOH was getting to Natalie but for our Michigander and America’s Care Package recipient Michelle it was clear who the target should be. Here’s my recap of last night’s episode!

Lack of Friendship

Paul was not happy being nominated for eviction next to his buddy Victor. Nicole was very surprised that she wasn’t nominated by her fellow Michigander Michelle and did a little victory celebration with Corey in the food storage room. Paul wanting answers went to the HOH room to talk with Natalie and Michelle. Michelle told Paul that he knew about Da’Vonne’s eviction and that Natalie had a conversation with Paulie that Paul was targeting James. Paul did his best to deflect any knowledge as well as pinned the blame on evicted houseguests and makes it sound that for those evicted it was their last plea to survive, mainly Paulie. Paul did bring up that throughout this entire game Nicole has yet to be nominated and is in a showmance with Corey.

Calling Out Nicole

Getting the blessing from the HOHs, Paul went on a rant against Nicole. The timing couldn’t have been any better as Corey had stepped into the DR and Nicole was alone in the kitchen. With the rest of the house presence in different areas, Paul went on a rampage against Nicole. Our Michigander did her best to defend herself from Paul’s onslaught attack. As this was happening it was revealed that Corey’s punishment from last week’s POV competition was complete. During Paul’s exchange of words to Nicole, Corey was oblivious to the situation as he was stripping off the Patriot unitard. Then finally realizing there was some tension called out Paul as being a “Buzz kill.” After Paul’s attack, Nicole goes up to the HOH room to get some answers, but as she was doing it, Paul’s punishment as a Secret Service Agent for Zingbot 9000 went off to complete his task. It was however the last time and his “Operation Call Out Nicole,” was also complete.

BB Storm Watch

The houseguests started to receive news reports about the weather of an impending storm. Paul immediately took this as a clue for the POV competition coming up, forced the two HOHs to stay up and study with him. Meanwhile Corey kept distracting Nicole who has had a track record of doing well in mental competitions, while James was not paying much attention to the reports. For the POV competition, James & Corey were selected to join Victor, Paul, Natalie & Michelle leaving Nicole unable to participate. One at a time the houseguests went to the backyard to compete in this week’s competition. In a simulated tropical storm, the houseguests acted as news reporters giving updates about the weather. The clues that were given to them throughout the previous night were about previously evicted houseguests, Glenn, Jozea, Frank & Tiffany. There were also some veterans also called out in the night from last season Vanessa and season 14 Jodi. For the competition as they were giving a report of the storm, they had to fill in the blanks of the teleprompt of the correct evicted houseguests that were mentioned as a storm. For each correct answer they’d receive a point and the highest score possible was 21.

Backdoor Plan

After all the houseguests competed, they all had to endure the mock storm to see who won the completion. Scoring the least with 10 points was Natalie, then followed by James with 13 points and Corey with 15 points. Victor scored a 19, while Michelle scored a 20. However with a perfect score of 21 Paul was revealed as the POV winner. Knowing Paul would use the POV on himself, he had to now convince Michelle to nominate Corey. But our Michigander wanted to put up her fellow Michigander Nicole on the block. Victor also tried to convince Michelle that putting up Corey would be a better move because he’s a stronger physical threat. In the end Michelle went with the house as Paul used the POV on himself and Michelle nominated Corey for eviction. Which saved both Michiganders another week.

Prediction for Eviction, Juror Returning & HOH

Tonight’s vote solely lies with James, as Paul will vote to evict Corey and Nicole voting to evict Victor. James in previous weeks didn’t want to show his cards but now he’s stuck having to reveal what side he will be on after tonight’s live eviction episode. So I predict by a vote of 2-1, Victor will once again be evicted from the Big Brother house. However we could see Victor battle his way back into the game with the twist that Julie Chen revealed last week that the five jurors will have a chance to battle their way back into the house. I’m predicting a tough battle between Victor and Paulie to get back into the house. I would love to see Da’Vonne return but it’s very unlikely, just as well as seeing Zakiyah or Bridgette return. However this is Big Brother so expect the unexpected. As for HOH, I predict Paul getting his second HOH win. Tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit to see who will be evicted, which juror returns to the game and who will win HOH for this upcoming week!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.