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“Live” last night another houseguest was evicted from the Big Brother House. Power was back up for grabs with another HOH competition to be played this week and with tonight’s episode another houseguest will be evicted. But first, Paul and Victor were “Sitting Ducks,” literally and their duo could possibly split. With the POV up for grabs there was possibly a chance to save the pair. Plus, season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur stopped by and gave his thoughts of the final five houseguests. Here’s my recap of last night’s episode.

Flying To Win POV

Before seeing the POV competition, Julie Chen announced to the houseguests who were all in the kitchen chatting, were told to come to the living room and was revealed that last night another houseguest would be evicted. Production was smart to make sure Julie Chen instructed the houseguests to sit in the side couches with none of them sitting in the nomination chairs to not reveal the POV results. The POV competition brought back another classic in recent years with the houseguests becoming comic book super heroes. Each houseguest had 35 minutes to correctly place 16 comic book covers in order and to know what the order was they had to zip line across a make shift building to reveal the order. There were two versions of each comic book with a very minuscule difference and each houseguest had to correctly figure out with cover was the correct one. As returning houseguests Nicole, James and Da’Vonne received new comic book covers to represent themselves this season. Meanwhile Corey, Victor, Paul as well as all the evicted houseguests’ covers were revealed. Fun Fact: Frank never received a comic book hero during season 14 as this competition came during season 16. Which for Nicole her Germitard made a surprise appearance in Corey’s comic book cover. When it was time to reveal the results, the only player to max out time was James and the winner was our Michigander Nicole with a time of under 15 minutes. Which was a couple minutes less than the closest competitor which was Paul. With the Nicole winning POV, all the power was with the duo and ultimately decided not to use the POV, leaving Paul and Victor up for eviction.

Season 16 Winner’s Perspective

This season we’ve seen multiple Big Brother houseguests return to give their thoughts on the game. Derrick Lavasseur the former undercover cop from Providence, RI and season 16 winner stopped by. Julie Chen had asked what he thought of all the duos making it this season, which his response was he was surprised since there were multiple duos this season. However, with so many duos it also helped each to advance further in the game rather than be targeted by the other houseguests. Derrick stated his season 16 companion, Nicole was playing a very similar game as she did her first season but this time around laid low and won competitions in the latter half of the game. He even predicts Nicole could win it all this season and said if Victor had not been on the block he would have pinned him to win the game.

Third Times The Charm

It was interesting to hear that Nicole felt Paul was the bigger threat to her game than Victor because she gets along with Victor. Whereas Corey has said Victor was his target because he’s a competitive beast, but would be ok with either one going. Paul stated during one of his DR confessionals that he wouldn’t campaign against his buddy who sits on the block with him. However, Paul did let Victor show his emotional game play, as Victor was hurt that his loyalty towards the houseguests keeps getting him evicted. This time was not like the others and with a unanimous vote of 2-0, Victor Arroyo, the 25-year-old Gym Manager from Slidell, LA was evicted for the third and final time this season. A great moment during his exit interview was Julie Chen telling him, they need to stop meeting this way. But for Victor, he’ll be heading to the jury house giving Paulie a male companion in a jury house full of women. Plus, there is apparently a confrontation that arises which Julie Chen teases that we do not want to miss seeing tonight.

Bleeping Win HOH

The HOH competition was another classic Big Brother competition where the houseguests had to correctly solve what evicted houseguests said during a POV or Eviction ceremony. Julie Chen would say a phrase or word that may be what the evicted houseguest said then James, Nicole and Paul had to answer true or false. The winner of this HOH would guarantee themselves into the final three and be able to compete in the last HOH competition. James was struggling to correctly answer and trailed behind Nicole and Paul. Both Nicole and Paul each missed a question and after seven questions headed into a tie breaker question. The person who was closest to the number without going over would win HOH, but if either was over then the person closest would win. The question was in how many seconds did the last HOH competition from start to finish take? With 4800 as their answer, Paul was the closest to the number of 4100 seconds securing himself a spot in the final three!

My Prediction for Nominations, POV & Eviction

Looks like our Michigander Nicole won’t tie with Season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur for never being nominated for eviction because it’s pretty clear who Paul will nominate. Paul is going to nominate Corey and Nicole, with Corey being the target because he had just evicted his best friend from the house. However, if Paul was smart he’d target a returning houseguests. Especially since if both make it to final three, then it’s two returning houseguests against one. Even though neither Nicole or James made it to the finale, they know what to expect. As for the POV I predict Corey to somehow make a surprising win, which he’ll use the POV to save himself. Though it would be comical if he did use the POV on Nicole, which would lead to a very interesting live eviction vote. In the end, I predict one of our returning houseguests Nicole or James being evicted tonight. Tune in at 8 pm on CBS Detroit to see who will be evicted, what was the confrontation in the jury house that was buzz worthy for Julie Chen to tease the viewers with and the start of the final three part HOH competition! If you’re sad that Big Brother is coming to a close, have no fear, if you subscribe to CBS All Access, Friday following the finale we’ll have the first fall season of Big Brother but exclusive for CBS All Access members as Big Brother Over The Top begins!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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