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In the 2002 edge-of-your-seat thriller “Panic Room,” Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart play a mother and daughter who hunker down in a panic room to stay hidden from burglars during a home invasion. The popularity of the film, the tragedy of 9/11 and rising terrorist threats have spawned an increase in demand for similar in-house bunkers; especially by the rich and famous, who have oodles of valuable assets to protect and loads of cash to spend to do it.

Entries to the secret chambers are usually hiding in plain sight behind a bookcase, a stone wall, an unassuming corner or under a staircase. The high-tech safe havens can be as lavish or large as a customer likes, and can be designed to withstand a variety of threats and catastrophic events including biological, chemical and armed attacks. They also usually contain a panic button, phone or some way to notify police, close-circuit TVs to watch the interior and exterior of your home, and a means of storing food and water.

If you have the means and are looking to beef up your home security by installing a panic room of your own, you’ll be keeping company with these notable celebrities listed below.


The Material Girl herself reportedly installed a $2-million-dollar steel-walled haven behind her office in Los Angeles. The walls are 5 inches thick and the room comes equipped with TV monitors, a phone and food and water to last for several days.

Joan Rivers

Home security was no joke for late, great Emmy-winning talk show host and comedian Joan Rivers. Per NY Times, the “Fashion Police” funny lady had a panic room in her 5,100 square foot apartment in New York. Her daughter Melissa inherited the gilded age-themed palatial residence and put it on the market in 2015.

Paul McCartney

No one came blame Sir Paul McCartney for wanting a panic room for added protection after his fellow Beatles member, friend and songwriting partner John Lennon was gunned down in front of his apartment in 1980. The “Love Me Do” singer’s other pal, George Harrison, was also stabbed 10 times during a home invasion.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

It seems hard to believe the panic room in Oscar-winning movie hunk George Clooney’s Berkshire, England mansion wasn’t installed for protection from his fanatical fans. Per Us, it was built with his lovely bride Amal and her list of high-profile clients and their “controversial cases” in mind. A source reportedly said the luxurious safe haven will be fireproof, bombproof and attack resistant.

Kevin Smith (Inherited from Ben Affleck)

Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck have been pals for a long time. Okay, maybe not as along as Ben and his “Good Will Hunting” co-star Matt Damon have been friends. But the “Chasing Amy” co-stars have some real estate in common, in that Smith bought Affleck’s house from him back in 2003.

Apparently, the Oscar-winning screenwriter-director couldn’t wait to show Smith the hidden gem in his new residence: A small panic room located behind a bookcase in the master bedroom.

Smith told pagesix.com “I was expecting the Bat Cave. It was literally a 2×2 room. It was tiny. It might have been a small bathroom back in the day. The panic room had a safe in it, a video monitor and a phone so in case someone came you could hide in there.” Who else was hoping he’d find the Batmobile?

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    Someone breaks into my home when I’m there……..They are the ones who will soon be panicking.

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