Mohammad Subhi Alsheleh, (credit: Macomb County Sheriff's Office)

Mohammad Subhi Alsheleh, (credit: Macomb County Sheriff’s Office)

MT. CLEMENS (WWJ) – A Sterling Heights man is behind bars, accused of making chilling threats against two Macomb County Circuit Court Judges.

Mohammad Subhi Alsheleh, 30, is charged with making a false report of terrorism and using a computer to commit a crime — both 20-year felonies.

“The person that was making the threats threatened to severe the heads of two of the Circuit Court judges,” Macomb County Sheriff’s Lt. John Michalke told reporters Monday.

Michalke says the threats were sent from a mobile device via a phony email address to a Royal Oak attorney who forwarded the message to the judges and authorities.

“It appears so he created an email account specifically to send this message,” Michalke said. “And then the message was to be conveyed to the Circuit Court Judges. It was a threat that he would sever their heads.”

Deputies and detectives were later able to develop a suspect “based on prior occurrences” and the fact that the suspect had child-custody proceedings in the 16th Circuit Court of Macomb in front of both of the judges — identified as Judge James Biernat Sr. and Judge Kathryn George.

No one was injured.

Alsheleh was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Chesterfield Township on Wednesday, Sept. 28, and arraigned in 41A District Court Monday. Bond was set at $50,000, no 10 percent.

Alsheleh remains lodged in the Macomb County Jail.

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  1. Jonathan Gruber says:




      1. Nealboy2 says:

        Not to worry, Achmed, at some point the American People will start exacting payback and the “Head Cutters,” won’t like it.

  2. dannyboy says:

    Yet another benefit of Diversity!

  3. robert leblanc sr says:

    Make some charges against him that would mean death penalty in his country. Then deport
    him to wherever and let them deal out what they may.

    1. Bob Roberton says:

      The problem with deporting them is that they come back.

      1. Jess Sain says:

        Not if you drop them back off from a helicopter at a 1000 feet.

  4. Hector Lives says:

    Enjoy your new neighbors, Obama/Hillary supporters. .

  5. Walid Muhammed says:

    Islam WILL prevail! It would be wise if all you infidels learn and convert. You will learn that Islam is peace.

    1. Yaspar Kyashred says:

      Keep talking, Walid. You make what’s coming easier and easier.

      1. Is that a threat? i think so. Perhaps Detroit’s finest should know there is a terrorist threatening violence on a website.

    2. Gadsden Flag says:

      OR what? You’ll kill or enslave us? AH, yes, the “religion of peace.” You and your prophet can go suck an egg.

    3. Tom says:

      Keep it up! We haven’t played “Cowboys and Muslims” yet. Yet!

    4. Inigo Montoya says:

      only in your dreams rock-in-a-box worshiper.

    5. Don Ingram says:

      Walid, I have one thing to say, I will convert to Islam when hell freezes over. If Islam is peace, then the world loves each other. If Islam is peace, then look how you behead non-believers, stone women to death as well as treat them like second class citizens. If that is Islam, I will remain a Christian and there is nothing that you can do about it.

      1. Nolan Conley says:

        I’m with you Don. Islam is NOT compatible with US. One day we will be at war with Islam in this country. Thanks Obama and progressives, you are all complicit in this debacle.

    6. Deplorable_Timothy says:

      I’ll be your Huckleberry, Mo…

    7. voodoodaddy1 says:

      Walid you moron, Islam is not a religion. It is murderous misogynistic political cult
      whose adherents worship a pedophile. Its purpose is to destroy the West
      and subjugate women. It must be fought and destroyed at every
      opportunity. Given a chance Muslims will use Democratic elections to assert control. Everywhere there is a Muslim Majority other religions especially Jews and Christians are under extreme duress. Islam must be obliterated.

    8. Jess Sain says:

      You want to be with Allah, we all want to arrange the meeting. From face to face out to a 1000 yards…no problem.

    9. Kurt Smith says:

      Aw man, you might as well come at me now and let me go down fighting. There’s just no way I’m gonna start wiping my butt with my left hand or banging 11 yr olds. And I’m never gonna stop eating bacon either. So what the heck, bring it on!

    10. tngilmer says:

      You will become one with the Borg.

    11. If Islam is peace, why are you threatening people? Not particularly peaceful, now, is it?

    12. That Guy says:

      Islam is the ‘religion’ of peace and love. Muslimes would LOVE to see a peace of you over here, and a peace of you over there……. It is DEATH. Period. The End.

    13. Mitch Rapp says:

      Say when and where spanky. I’m sure we can accommodate you. One hint though. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

    14. william hofmeister says:

      Islam is not a religion, it is a contagion and we have the cure.

      1. Cpl Punishment says:

        The cure is 5.56mm “pills” applied at a rate of 750 pills per minute. Say “Ah!”

    15. For over 1400 years the world’s largest, oldest, most violent terrorist organization masquerading as a religion has been demanding we Convert or Die.

      Time has come for EVERY non-muslim to demand ALL muslims renounce the hate cult or leave the country.

  6. TroyGale says:

    Nothing to see here, move along, and get to work, it is Wednesday, and the Feds need more money to support Mohammad and his “Religion of Peace” brothers and sisters and bring in his extended family. We have so much money we have to give it to non-citizens, or it would be standing in piles everywhere you looked.

  7. Paolo says:

    Muslims and liberals, parasitic vermin offering nothing of value to the planet.

  8. sue says:

    So why is this guy in the country? Born here? Legal resident? Illegal?

    1. Barack al-Islam says:

      Because of a criminal and traitor in the White House..

  9. Peter says:

    Severe-ing head doesn’t sound so bad. Severing a head, on the other hand. . . .

  10. Servite Omak says:

    but remember if the judges in question were appointed by a (R) then the threat is OK

  11. Inigo Montoya says:

    @Walid Muhammed

    only in your dreams rock-in-a-box worshiper.

  12. CW says:

    More blessings of cultural enrichment…

  13. Jack Pod says:

    So now do they increase his free Big Gooberment food stamp, welfare and rent payments to make him happy? By the way don’t forget to release him on $500 bond.

  14. The stupidity is the failure to properly identify the threat. You cannot apply reason to an un-reasonable or non-reasoning people in an attempt to second guess their motives. There is no “why” because it is the nature of such to infect, rob, rape and murder when prey is available and vulnerable.
    As long as people subscribe to the belief that all cultures, religions and people are created equal, prey will be plentiful.

  15. Aleric says:

    Thousands more being shipped in every day by the Obama Admin.

  16. True Patriot says:

    “A Sterling Heights man…” Really, CBS Detroit? That’s the best you can do? Did you even BOTHER to ask whether this person is a US citizen? Better yet, what is his ethnicity? What is his religious affiliation?

    In age of Islamic terror attacks on a near weekly basis against AMERICANS on AMERICAN soil….these questions MUST be answered. Failure to engage in basic reporting thereby withholding critical, relevant information from the public about alleged criminal acts places you perilously close to becoming what most would call a collaborator.

    Americans have a right to demand that anyone and everyone who immigrates to this country shares the ideals that form the bedrock of this nation and the way of life the West – namely, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of and from religion, freedom of association, and the essential concept of the rule of law as formulated in the constitution and common law..not SHARIAH.

  17. Kitcha says:

    Hoepfully they were democrat judges… just sayin’ Don’t want no one hurt, but a little threatening will let them know their liberal decisions can actually hurt people, and have hurt people.

  18. Fred says:

    The writer of this piece needs to go back to grade school and learn English.
    “severe his head”?
    How about “sever”

  19. Public executions by firing squads may sober these maggots up.

  20. ttt says:

    Alsheleh remains lodged in the Macomb County Jail…lodged!! what !!! well we dont want to offend him

  21. cleo48 says:

    Hillary has pledged to bring in another million of these for redistribution. Not MY words.

  22. voodoodaddy1 says:

    If you vote Democrat YOU are the root cause of this problem!

    TRUMP 2016

  23. Larry says:

    I guess this means no more child support payments.

  24. Ima says:

    Hillary voter. Guaranteed.

  25. Shawn French says:

    Figure the odds this one will get the maximum sentence.

  26. RTUT says:

    Kill American children, rape American women, and they are released back on the streets at Obama’s direction. Let’s see what happens when they threaten one of Obama’s stooge judges.

  27. Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Democrats

  28. Jack says:

    “Mohammad”? What’s the problem? Let’s import a few hundred thousand more Mohammads from Syria, why don’t we? Vote Hillary, and your dreams will come true–just after they slaughter you.

  29. another poor immigrant looking for a better life…

  30. fredgold52 says:

    Are MUSLIMS in general a big problem for American/Western or any other non-Muslim Society ?

    The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim

    The Beltway Snipers were Muslims

    The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim

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    The guy that murdered Bobby Kennedy was a Muslim

    Think of it:

    Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem

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  31. Terra Izzam says:

    LESS ISLAM, More Peace.

  32. Jimmy Chonga says:

    Only the CRIMINALLY INSANE would trade your life for a “vote”. Never support democrats at ANY LEVEL.

  33. Bob says:

    time to show this guy allah or send his butt back. I’ve got a solution to all of this. Quite simply, if they threaten, then reverse it but also include their family and local iman.

  34. That’s a bold threat in a nation with more guns than people.
    Don’t bring a machete to a gun fight.

  35. Allah Allah Income Free says:

    If Americans played by the same rules as these Mooselums, we would burn down every mosque in Michigan for this threat!

  36. Dr Doom says:

    He will be put in a federal prison then the inmates will take care of him.

  37. whooosh says:

    If our worthless Obama closes GITMO, then trump should reopen the prison. Then we should send idiots like this filthy Muslim to GITMO, where they can sit until they die of natural causes.



  39. Dorothy says:

    This is one of Obama’s sons.

  40. That Guy says:

    REMEMBER: A radical Muslim wants to cut your head off. A ‘moderate’ Muslim wants a radical Muslim to cut your head off.

  41. Hey, here’s a good idea, why don’t we work to get more Muslim refugees here that ISIS has promised to infiltrate with terrorists? Sounds like a good, compassionate plan to me. Any collateral damage resulting in the deaths of Americans is just the price we must pay to be politically correct and self-righteous.

  42. Michael T says:

    The ‘Religion of Peace’, ladies and gentlemen.
    On display for all to see.

  43. In a last ditch effort to stick it to the UK for leaving the EU the EU is demanding British Journalist be barred from mentioning islam or muslims when reporting any terrorist attack.

    Anyone still confused on which side of humanity the left has wandered. They are a true enemy of civilization.

  44. Janet says:

    Trump 2016!

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