DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – All Karen MacDonald wanted was to see her mom smile while she was being treated for cancer.

“I designed a wrap for her to go over her patient gown just to give her some warmth and beauty and dignity and it really made a difference,” said MacDonald.

From that experience MacDonald opened Wrapped in Love.

A model wears a shoulder wrap. (Credit/Wrapped In Love)

A model wears a shoulder wrap. (Credit/Wrapped In Love)

The company creates clothes and accessories for cancer patients.

Input from patients and nurses to help ensure the style and fabric meets their needs.

“For instance, even with the head wrap — I use bamboo cotton or modal because it wicks away perspiration. I just designed a new wrap that zips up but also has pockets on the side for drains after breast surgery.”

“Everyone should feel beautiful and special on the outside despite how they may be feeling inside,” MacDonald observes. “Studies have shown that external appearance can affect an individual’s
emotional well being during an illness.”

Each month MacDonald gives a portion of her profits to a different charity.

October is breast cancer awareness month.

Products are available online at WrappedInLove and in some retail stores.


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