Survivor is finally getting spicy! This week’s episode had me on the edge of my seat while watching Tribal Council.

Here’s how it all went down…

Reward Challenge

Before the challenge starts, Figgy from the Purple Tribe is excited that Millennial, Michelle on the Orange Tribe was not voted out at last Tribal.  She states this out loud for everyone to hear. The remaining Millennial on the Orange Tribe, Zeke, is left confused.  Figgy quickly covers up her alliance with Michelle by expressing that she was also happy that Zeke was not voted out. She says this insincerely. Did Figgy dig herself a hole by saying this?

The Reward Challenge was rather funny, as most blindfold challenges usually are.  During a blindfold challenge on Survivor, there is a “caller” as everyone else on the tribe is blindfolded.  The caller is the one that controls the whole challenge.  The caller is there to guide each member by yelling at them where to go and what to do.

The reward of delicious looking cookies, brownies, milk and even apple pie were on each tribe’s mind.  Michelle (Orange), Jay (Green), and Figgy (Purple) were callers for each tribe.  As each caller yelled directions, it’s always comical to watch the rest of the tribe fall and walk around like zombies as they’re blindfolded.

By the end of all the fumbling of the challenge, it was Figgy who could not achieve her task as a caller.  The Purple Tribe did not win any sweets, and Figgy cries due to her lack of leading.  Was this Karma for her behavior earlier before the challenge?

The Orange Tribe

During this episode, the Orange Tribe seems just content.  After the vote of CeCe last week, the four remaining members seem to become stronger with one another.

The Green Tribe

This week on the Green Tribe, Jay says that being on Survivor is because of his sister and mom.  He is confident that he will win Survivor so he can support his family.

During Jay expressing his passion for Survivor, he magically finds the Hidden Immunity Idol in the woods, as High School Kid, Will (I think he may have said possibly only five words all season) is there with him. As Jay finds it, he is super excited and has a glorious feeling.  Jay even states that when finding the Idol, he heard the Survivor Theme Song playing in his head. (As the Survivor Theme Song plays in the background).

Funny Michaela (one of my favorites) comes around the corner during Jay’s glorious moment. She pops her head in Jay and Will’s secret of the Idol.  Jay, Will, and now Michaela are the ones who know about the found Idol on the Green Tribe.

The Purple Tribe

Meanwhile, on the Purple Tribe, the “Power Couple” Fig-Tails is showcased.  Yes, the two have now called themselves, Fig-Tails.  The “Power Couple” of Taylor and Figgy has been rather annoying all season.  They are not an Amber and Rob (Survivor’s favorite couple). Taylor and Figgy act like they have it all and declare their “relationship” to the remaining tribe of the Gen. X’s, Jess and Ken.

I love Ken.  He goes on about how it was completely obvious that the two are “dating” because of their constant cuddle sessions and kissing. Ken even goes on about how the two “kids” think they’re just on vacation because of this casual Survivor hook up.  Ken always says what’s on my mind.

Meanwhile, the remaining Millennial on the Purple Tribe, Adam feels stuck in the middle. Adam is not sure what side to go with in the future, the “Power Couple” of Millennials, or the Gen. X’s, Jess and Ken.

Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge this week was simpler than most challenges.  The challenge included swimming, a balance beam, retrieving bags, and a table maze.

The three tribes were even throughout the challenge. During the last task of the table maze, the tribes stepped up their competitive game. The table maze included two people balancing a maze as they would guide three balls into holes.  While doing this task, the members had to balance themselves on a post as well.

Michaela was the one who led her Green Tribe and the credit belonged to her as she wins the first Immunity for her tribe. After her celebrating, she guides the Orange Tribe of Zeke and Michelle during the table maze. Because of the help and motivation, the Orange Tribe wins the second Immunity, where Purple is left to go to Tribal Council.

Michaela explains that she helps the Orange Tribe because the Purple Tribe has more Millennials than the Orange.  She says if the Millennials on the Purple Tribe don’t know how to work out votes with one another that they “deserve to go home.”  Was this foreshadowing for Tribal?

Tribal Council

The Purple Tribe of Fig-Tails, Adam, and Gen. X’s Jess and Ken are heading to Tribal Council.  The numbers of the three Millennials vs. the two Gen. X’s, had brought Taylor and Figgy an amount of confidence.  The two were confident that they would be safe, as they and Adam would vote out Ken.  However, we have seen in last week’s episode the development of Adam and Ken’s possible alliance.

At Tribal, Adam was the deciding vote.  Jess and Ken were voting out Figgy, and Figgy and Taylor were voting out Ken.  My favorite player Ken and my least favorite player Figgy were on the chopping block.  I couldn’t help but be nervous when Jeff Probst had read each vote.

In the end, I was celebrating. Figgy-Figaroo-Figs was voted out! Adam was smart and had flipped on the “Power Couple.” I believe he made a fantastic move! Finally, I don’t have to watch the weird unnecessary romance of Taylor and Figgy anymore.  I am happy. Was this Figgy’s Karma due to her cocky attitude through her whole game?

What goes around comes around!

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