WARREN (CBS Detroit) – How important is that red white and blue “I Voted” sticker to you?

Apparently, it means quite a lot to some in metro Detroit, as Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said he’s received numerous emails and calls Tuesday from voters who aren’t happy about a lack of stickers at precincts in his city.

“The anger is misdirected at my office,” Fouts said, in a Facebook post. “I do not make decisions for the City Clerk. He is an independent elected official so he would make that decision.”

Fouts said he has spoken with City Clerk Paul Wojno who informed the mayor that it would be “costly” to have to buy stickers for 100,000 voters.

“I indicated to him that perhaps we should see if we can do it for future elections since it seems to be very popular,” Fouts wrote.

“I’ve never heard of this before and am old-fashioned in the sense that I have always thought this was your duty as a citizen in a Democratic country to vote. That is reward enough, but I guess not?” the mayor added. “But it’s always good to motivate people to vote as long as they do their homework before they vote. Informed voters should vote!”

Reaction to Fouts’ post has been mixed, with some residents contending that the sticker issue is a silly one.

Roxanne Hallums commented: “Seriously! Shame on the people who have called and emailed to complain about a sticker!! Grow up!”

Day-Day Michelle, on the other hand, said she was one those disappointed to leave her polling place stickerless.

“The youth in which this was their first election want to show their effort in the democratic processes,” she said. “I personally like it because I am proud to have been apart of making history either way the election goes… it is kinda important to me…. and all the people that complained too.”

I am always disappointed to never get one when all my co-workers wear theirs to work,” added Kelly Huges.

Brandy Bradley wrote, “After the money spent on this ridiculous election….yep…..stickers are tooooooo expensive.”


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