By @GeorgeJFox

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – An effort by an ardent Trump supporter to reach out to opponents during the election season showed up at the CBS Radio building Thursday morning in Southfield.

Robert Cortis calls it the “Unity Bridge” and he’s been towing it around the region to help both sides make amends and work together.

The Livonia man came up with the idea following the final debate.

(credit: George Fox/WWJ)

(credit: George Fox/WWJ)

With patriotic music, a six foot tall Statue of Liberty and loads of flags — the 30-foot long trailer has been on tour the past month between Michigan and Ohio.

(credit: George Fox/WWJ)

(credit: George Fox/WWJ)

In contrast to the positive imagery, Cortis admits the “Lock Her Up In 2017” sign on the bridge isn’t exactly unifying. “I take accountability for that,” he said adding how he believes Hillary has committed crimes and should be punished.

The 5000-pound bridge was in the news in 2014 having been stolen from Cortis’ home in December. It was recovered 20 miles south in Belleville.

Cortis hopes to see the bridge involved in the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump as well as possibly a local victory party, but he’s searching for a venue.

“I’ve had so many hugs and handshakes and unique things happen to me. It’s kinda like the spirit of Christmas,” said Cortis drawing analogies to movies like “Miracle on 34th Street” and the George Burns’ “Oh, God”.

“Spread the message and they will come,” he added.


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