DETROIT (WWJ) – A federal judge is expected to rule today on whether or not Michigan’s presidential ballot recount should continue. Judge Mark Goldsmith heard arguments from Attorney General Bill Schuette and representatives of the Green Party’s Jill Stein, who ordered the recount.

Schuette based his argument on the contention that since Jill Stein can’t win – the count should be stopped to save time and money.

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He asked the judge to have the Green Party candidate put up five million dollars to handle the costs associated with the recount.

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Stein has maintained that she does not expect the recount to determine that she is the winner in the race but rather she is challenging the integrity of this state’s voting system.

Stein’s people said if you are going to order a five million dollar bond, in a sense, than a hearing should take place to examine the exact costs involved and if the recount will actually be that costly.

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Of the ten counties that have started recounts in Michigan — only 66 votes have changed hands — but it’s not been released which candidate has benefited.