ROCHESTER HILLS (WWJ) – It’s another day at the office — only this office includes working in freezing temps and this artist wouldn’t have it any other way.

Twenty-two year-old ice sculptor Alex Wagner says he loves the winter’s cold weather.

“I enjoy the cold,” says Wagner. “A lot of people don’t, but you get to be creative but it’s not painting. Painting for me is difficult, drawing for me is difficult — but with ice carving it’s power tools.”

Wagner of Macomb County’s Lenox Township will be competing in the ice carving contest at the Fire and Ice Festival later this month in Rochester Hills.

Mayor Cathy Daldin says the show brings new energy to the area at a time when people tend to hibernate.

“I think it’s great,” says Daldin, “because it really brings a lot of new people who haven’t been to the community down for a free event with their families, and we’re really a family friend community, so we love this event.”

County Executive L. Brookes Patterson outlined the packed schedule for the three-day festival: “It’s a well-planned event … I just like to watch the numbers grow from 15,000 to … 16,000.

The event includes live music, ice skating, fireworks, and of course, ice carving demonstrations and a competition. [SCHEDULE OF EVENTS]

The festival, which runs January 20-22, includes many activities like sledding, ice skating, dog sled-rides and fireworks. Admission and events are free.


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