By: Evan Jankens

I assumed that when everyone gets on the dance floor they imagine themselves looking like J-Lo when she was a “fly girl” or Channing Tatum in “Magic Mike.” Unfortunately that isn’t the case 90 percent of the time.

Fox Sports 1 host Charissa Thompson seemingly had that moment during Lady Gaga’s performance during Super Bowl 51.

Pat Muldowney, who runs the social media for Fox Sports, got a two-minute video of Thompson jamming out and the footage is priceless.

The video instantly made me think of Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) dancing on “Seinfeld.”

Thompson also owned her amazing dancing skills with a tweet that said, “Dear Diary, I am sorry but not sorry. I was sober despite what it looks like and I just hope @PSchrags knows the depth of my gratitude.”

Just when you thought that she couldn’t get any better she showed a great sense of humor. I believe the saying is “dance like no one is watching” and that’s exactly what Thompson did, the only problem is 73,000 people have already watched the video.


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