By: Evan Jankens

By now you are fully aware that Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh will do just about anything to get a top recruit.

In the past, Harbaugh has spent the night with a recruit, climbed a tree and even did the popular “Netflix and Chill” with another. Even though some of those tactics are odd, they aren’t against the rules in the NCAA.

This next story comes from about Jake Allen, who is a 3-star QB recruit who has committed to the Florida Gators.

Allen spoke with Zach Abolverdi, who is a reporter for SEC Country, and was asked, “What was the funniest story that happened on one of your recruiting trips?”

The answer might rub you the wrong way.

Allen said, “I was at a Michigan camp and talking with a couple other quarterbacks. We were all talking about our grades. I was messing around and said, ‘I got a C in third grade.’ Jim Harbaugh overheard and screams, ‘I don’t give a s–t about your grades.’ Then he realized I was part of the quarterback group that had recruits in it so he just kind of walked away. It was weird. I couldn’t wait to get out of there after that, and we left early.”

There are a few ways you can take that quote. I could see Harbaugh getting upset these kids were “messing around” during his camp so the quote was taken out of context or maybe Harbaugh flat-out doesn’t care about his recruit’s grades as long as they can play football.

I find the latter hard to believe though, since on March 3 he was so proud to tweet about kids on the Michigan football team whose GPAs were 3.0 and higher.

I actually think the comments were probably taken out of context, but we all know that SEC Country — not the blog but every fan of an SEC team — doesn’t like Jim Harbaugh.

To add fuel to the fire, Allen said:  “Coach Harbaugh definitely rubbed me the wrong way.”

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  1. Mgo Azul says:

    They were talking about his grades in Third grade!!!!!! so yeah, a nothing fake news out of context stupid ,jealous SEC conference Homer badmouthing the great Harbaugh again! Give it up haters he can go anywhere and take your region’s top recruits! Case CLOSED!

  2. Chris Leach says:

    “Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan State Spartans talks with Wilton ” Moron right off ….lol

  3. 2 words – Kareem Walker

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