(WWJ) Supporters of President Donald Trump are pressing for a boycott of McDonald’s after the fast food giant’s official account Tweeted that the president is “disgusting” and “has small hands.”

The Tweet was quickly deleted, but the screen shots remained. And they incited supporters of the president.

At first mum, McDonald’s later said their account was compromised and the company was investigating.

McDonald’s has been in the epicenter of the several national political trends recently, including the demand for higher fast food wages. Protesters have attempted to disrupt the company’s annual meeting and marched at fast food locations throughout the country, demanding a raise to $15 an hour. Sometimes, they’ve even shut down local McDonalds with raucous protests that brought arrests.

And many McDonald’s restaurants shut down Feb. 16 on “a day without immigrants,” though it was unclear if it was a company stance on behalf of immigrants or a move forced by lack of workers at many locations.

The day without immigrants protest was in response to Trump’s immigration agenda, including a promised wall along the Mexican border and an attempted travel ban on citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries.

The voices urging people to boycott McDonald’s on Thursday were strong on Twitter, but the Tweet also had some support from people who tied the unhealthy fast food menu to the habits and tastes of Trump voters.

Others used it as a reminder that McDonalds was known as a favorite fast food choice of former President, and attempted First Gentleman Bill Clinton.

McDonald’s is in the midst of a turnaround plan that has brought new additions like preservative-free chicken and all-day breakfast to compete in an increasingly tight fast and fast-casual food market.

In January, the company reported its best annual global comparable sales growth since 2011, according to Forbes.

  1. Dairy Queen put MacDonald’s to shame anyway,people should eat there if they want good tasting fast food