DETROIT (WWJ) – You can use your smart phone to watch cat videos, do your banking and monitor the steps you take each day.

Soon, a phone may be used to test a man’s fertility at home.

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WWJ’s Dr. Deanna Lites reports researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a specialized phone attachment that works with an app to count the number of sperm and measure their movement — which are markers for infertility.

How exactly does it work?

“We’re using the optic system within the smart phone to read from a slide that’s prepared with the man’s sperm and gives us basically a count and motility of the semen specimen,” said Dr. John Petrozza, on the research team.

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The process is simple.

“The man could collect in a cup,” Petrozza explained. “The app that is built into the smart phone with this device guides the person through the process. You have to let the sperm liquefy for a little bit.

“The slide that’s used has a rubber plunger that will actually drop the exact amount of fluid into the slide, and then the slide is put into a device where the smart phone is attached and then the optics will read the analysis.”

Petrozza says the at-home test has an accuracy rate of 98 percent.

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There’s no name for the product just yet, as it’s still in the prototype stage. Researchers hope to have the test approved and on store shelves within the next 18-24 months.