By: Will Burchfield

Here’s a tough question: Who will be the San Francisco Giants’ MVP this season?

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Madison Bumgarner? Johnny Cueto? Buster Posey?

All worthy candidates.

Here’s a tougher question: Who will be the Giants’ M-V-Pee?

In a ritual that began last season, the Giants award a golden urinal at the end of each regular season series to their most hydrated player.

“Think of it as the M-V-Pee trophy,” Geoff Head, the team’s sports science specialist, told the Mercury News.

Here’s how it works. Players voluntarily submit themselves to a urine test before batting practice on game days. The Giants, using what’s called a “urine specific gravity machine,” track the results and tally them over the course of a series. At the end of each series, the best-hydrated player takes home the coveted golden urinal.

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“An area we’re really focused on is hydration,” Head explained.

You don’t say.

The hydration contest is one of many facets of the Giants’ sports science program, which aims to keep the players as healthy as possible over the grueling 162-game season.

“Injuries are a part of baseball. It is a combat sport at high intensity, and injuries will happen, unfortunately,” said Head. “We are not saying that our sports science program will stop all injuries from happening. But we are doing everything we can as a sports medicine department to help prevent the injuries that can be preventable.”

So who will be the Giants’ M-V-Pee this season?

*Scans roster*

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Conor Gillaspie. It has to be Conor Gillaspie.