By Mickie McLeod

This week’s episode of  Survivor Game Changers was down to the 11 remaining Castaways, with two Jury members, Haili and Ozzy.

Did you miss Survivor this week? Don’t worry, I always have you covered!

Last week’s vote of Ozzy had divided the tribe.  It was clearly a strong alliance of six: Culpepper, Sierra, Debbie, Tai, Troyzan, and Sarah.  These six seemed to be pretty strong… so they thought.

Reward Challenge

This week’s reward challenge was very significant in this episode.  After the merge, it is very important that the castaways pick who they team up with during reward challenges, very wisely.  This is because whatever team/partnership wins the challenge, has vital time to strategize and make alliances with those same team members.

This week, the teams were a Schoolyard Pick.  With only 11 castaways left, it meant that one person would not get picked and that they would have to sit out of the challenge with no chance at reward (which was a plane ride to an island where the 5 winning castaways would enjoy a picnic).

It was Michaela who was not picked by the two captains, and boy was she pissed.  Michaela got so mad because she said that the choices were over alliances and not the physical ability to win the actual challenge.

With that being said, while Michaela was pouting, the two teams of 5 competed through an absolutely exhausting water-style obstacle course.  It was the team that Cirie was on, that gave the other team a complete lead.

Cirie was physically exhausted during the challenge and said she couldn’t do it, leaving the team to fall behind and lose the challenge.  After the challenge was over, host, Jeff Probst, takes a moment to reflect on Cirie’s journey on Survivor and encourages her to make it through the rest of the course.  The whole team helps Cirie finish the exhausting course, while Michaela sits there and pouts, yet still applauds for Cirie, as her reason of pouting in the first place was being proven right, (the physical ability of the challenge).

The five, which included 4 of the strong six, Debbie, Sierra, Culpepper, and Tai, along with Andrea, were rewarded the picnic.  The main significance of the challenge was not only the appreciation of Cirie believing in herself, but Michaela’s  reason of being sat out.  While Michaela sat on the bench the whole time, little did she know, there was a hidden clue under her labeled, “Secret Advantage” nice and bold.  Because of Michaela’s stubbornness, she did not even notice the obvious clue.  It was Sarah, (part of the strong six) who noticed it, while departing their ways, and secretly retrieved it when no one was looking.

Individual Immunity Challenge 

With the six “strong” on top of the tribe, the remaining five were hungry for the Individual Immunity.  It was certain it was one of them that would be voted out next.

As a classic Survivor Individual Immunity Challenge, the castaways had to spell out the word, “Immunity” with blocks, bringing them from one side to another.  However, the trick was to balance the set of blocks with only a large rope.  (I always have a hard time explaining Survivor challenges through writing).

In the end, it was close! However, I scratched my head at this one… it was Troyzan who had won.  Yes…. Troyzan.  One of the “strong” six, that we haven’t heard much about this season… kind of a random win, I guess.  It seemed as if the bottom 5, (Zeke, Andrea, Cirie, Michaela, Aubry) were in trouble for Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

Anything can happen at Tribal Council, but it was right before Tribal where moves were being made.  Before Tribal and while the majority of the six were away on Reward, Sarah found a window to open, and possibly a chance to turn the game around.

After finding the Secret Advantage, (that Michaela did not grab nor see) Sarah is told that she now has an extra vote that she can play at any time, up until there are 5 remaining castaways left in the game.  This advantage is huge and Sarah felt her confidence growing.

With that being said, Sarah told herself that she wanted to make big moves in this season around.  She realizes that she is on the bottom of the “strong six.”  It became pretty obviously that the alliance was becoming cocky, and even Debbie started throwing Sarah’s name out there to others, to make her own game look better. Debbie’s cockiness was becoming known among the whole tribe.

Sarah realizes that her being on the bottom of the six has no chance at her winning this game of Survivor.  Because of that thought, it was a complete blindside this episode!  The strong six were not strong after all.  It was because of her loud mouth and cockiness, that Debbie was the one that was voted out at Tribal Council.    Sarah flipped on her six and blindsided Debbie. How does this affect the remaining 10?

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