DETROIT (WWJ) – “Stormy did not deserve this. This isn’t fair,” begins a post on Facebook about a dog used as fighting bait for other animals — yet refused to die.

Stormy, whose breed is not identified, survived being cut multiple times to draw blood so other dogs would be drawn to the smell and attack. And while he has survived Stormy is missing parts of his ears, and has deep lacerations from cuts and bites all over his body.

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Now his future and recovery may rest on the generosity of strangers.

The post by Almost Home Animal Rescue, which includes several photos of the tortured dog, says his “owner allegedly tortured him by cutting him up and throwing him to the fighting dogs. He cut him up so he would bleed and the dogs would smell the blood.

When he didn’t die the man chained Stormy’s neck and tied a rope to the collar and strung the rope to the ceiling of the garage.

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Stormy couldn’t do anything but stand up as there was not any room on his chain to allow him to sit or lay down.”

Almost Home Facebook says that Stormy needs more medical attention then the initial veterinarian who treated him could provide for free.

If you’d like to donate to help in Stormy’s recovery —  find more information here.

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