WASHINGTON D.C. (WWJ) – “Where’s Dan Gilbert?” asks President Donald Trump while hosting some of the World Series champion Chicago Cubs’ team members.

On hand Wednesday at the gathering — reigning National League MVP Kris Bryant, Cubs manager Joe Maddon and … Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert?

Gilbert has no connection with the Cubs — but is an owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers — and a major real estate holder in Detroit — he was on a scheduled visit to the White House to talk about the story of Detroit’s transformation according to a release.

Gilbert tweeted that he was encouraged by the interest shown by the White House.

In late October at a west Michigan campaign stop, Trump praised Gilbert for doing “a great job” in Detroit. The comment came after the businessman and his wife, Jennifer, each contributed $75,000 each to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising venture between the Clinton presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the state Democratic parties reports the Detroit News.

Gilbert did not donate to Trump during the Republican primaries, according to Federal Elections Commission records.

For many weighing in on social media — the presence of Gilbert at victory celebration for the Chicago Cubs was simply confusing. But it did provide some equally awkward moments for Gilbert as Trump asked about his relationship with Cavs superstar LeBron James and later characterized the Cavs season as good, not great; “You can’t say great season, right? Good season.”


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