DETROIT (WWJ) – “Baby Driver” is the kind of movie that’ll have you rooting for the bad guys; well at least one bad guy. The one known as “Baby.”

Multi-talented actor Ansel Elgort stars as Baby. He works for Doc, the leader of a criminal enterprise, who hires Baby as his getaway driver. While Doc has a policy to not use the same team twice on any of his jobs, Baby is a regular because Doc considers him his good luck charm. Baby’s life changes, unexpectedly, when he meets Debora, a waitress at a local diner.

Baby reminds me of “The Transporter,” the character made famous by Jason Statham. It was The Transporter’s job to get his package from Point A to Point B, something he was very good at. He was a man of few words and he had specific rules that he followed, and that those who hired him were expected to follow.

While Baby doesn’t dictate the rules, just like The Transporter, he is very good at getting his cargo from one point to the next. He’s also a man of few words. But, boy, does he love his music. And that’s what really sets this film apart from the multitude of other heist films that have been made over the years. It’s the pulsating soundtrack that’s as much a part of the storyline as any of the characters.

Along with Baby, Doc, and a whole lot of interesting characters, there’s Bats, one of the meanest of the mean guys on Doc’s team. That role went to Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx. Lily James is perfectly cast as the very sweet and adorable Debora. Kevin Spacey stars as Doc; Jon Hamm portrays Buddy, a former Wall Street type turned outlaw; and Eiza Gonzalez is fantastic as Darling, Buddy’s girlfriend. Just when you think you’ve got her character figured out, she’s got some surprises up her sleeve.

Watching Baby’s interactions with these hardened criminals is just part of what makes this movie fun. Baby may be a baby as far as they’re concerned, but he’s no pushover. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I’m sure you will to! It’s definitely a fun way to spend the long holiday weekend.

“Baby Driver” was written and directed by Edgar Wright.  Rated R.

See you at the movies!

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