Fourth of July, Fireworks, Grilling, Safety

DETROIT (WWJ) – Fireworks and grilling are two staples that make up the Fourth of July, but are you aware of the local fireworks laws? And are you taking all of the measures to be safe with your grill?

The law in Michigan states people are allowed to shoot off fireworks on the day before, day of and day after the Fourth of July as long as everything ends before midnight. Those interested in lighting off the colorful and loud rockets must also only do so on their own personal property, and not while they are intoxicated.

Police across metro Detroit say they get hundreds of calls every year around this time from people complaining about their neighbor’s backyard fireworks show. Livonia Police Captain Robert Nenciarini says their hands are tied when it comes to fireworks.

“I understand it upsets the residents, it upsets a lot of people in our city, and I’m sure it upsets a lot of the politicians,” Nenciarini told WWJ. “This comes up as a debate every time each year and I know a lot of people petition the Michigan legislature to please make changes and allow cities to have more control over it. Right now nothing has been changed.”

Nenciarini added that the state law doesn’t consider the population density of southeast Michigan — compared to places up north where you can safely fire off bigger aerial rockets.

It should also be noted that some cities have different laws and regulations so before lighting off fireworks this holiday season be sure to look those up.

When it comes to grilling it is just as important to follow the rules and be safe. While there aren’t any notable state laws to mention, it is just as important to follow these safety tips when you’re firing up the grill.

Before lighting up the grill this holiday season Governor Rick Snyder’s office wanted to remind you of a few safety tips to follow. Always remember to stay out doors and at least 10 feet away from the house, never use a grill on a balcony, don’t overload the grill — excessive fat and grease dripping on flames can ignite large flare ups — and keep children and pets away from the area.


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