DETROIT (WWJ) – A man who barricaded himself inside a home on Detroit’s west side has surrendered to police.

The situation started Friday morning at a home on Archdale Street, near Warren and the Southfield Freeway.

Detroit Police Commander Elvin Barren said the 50-year-old suspect held a gun to the head of a woman who was staying at the home. He also allegedly assaulted the woman, who was able to escape and run to a neighbor’s house for help.

When police arrived on the scene, the suspect was outside — but he quickly ran to the house and barricaded himself inside.

“While inside, he got a hold of a machete, a knife, placed that to his neck, threatening to harm himself and demanding that officers retreat and get off his property,” Barren told WWJ’s Mike Campbell. “From there, our SWAT team and our negotiators did make the scene. The suspect then escalated the situation where he turned on the gas in the kitchen and in the basement — so we had active gas roaring through the house. … He threatened to blow himself up and told our officers that we better get back from the home.”

Police were eventually able to talk the suspect out of the house after about an hour. He was taken into custody without further incident.

“The twist to this is he did come out in his own handcuffs,” said Barren. “We do not have a key to those configured handcuffs, so the fire department is on the scene. They’re going to cut the handcuffs from him and then we’re going to use department-issued handcuffs to secure him properly.”

The woman was not seriously hurt. Her relationship with the suspect is not clear.

The suspect spoke to the media before being taken away from the scene, which was one of his conditions for surrendering.

“I would like to come out, but have you ever been accosted and pointed with a 9 millimeter at your face, and all this,” he said. “I’ve been in the judicial system before as a bad guy, yes. But being not a bad guy, I know what the rules, um — the minute you step out the door, boom, you are sideways tackled by ten guys, you’re zip-cuffed and you’re taken away.”

An investigation is ongoing.

Stay with WWJ Newsradio 950 and for the latest.


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