By: Will Burchfield

Al Sabotka was channeling his inner Canadian on Tuesday morning in Detroit.

The longtime building operations manager at The Joe took a drive down Woodward Avenue on a Red Wings Zamboni, per WXYZ. What a way to start the day.

Was Sobotka transporting the Zamboni from The Joe to Little Caesars Arena? Was he keeping the engine hot during the offseason?

Was he simply out for a joyride?

Whatever the answer, it doesn’t get more peak-Sobotka than this.

Sobotka will continue in his role with the Red Wings and Olympia Entertainment at Little Caesars Arena. He has been an employee of the team since 1971.

He once said, “It was just a job I got when I was in high school, and I kept at it, working in the maintenance department for a few years. I still enjoy getting up in the morning. If you don’t enjoy your work, it’s hard getting up in the morning, you know?”

It appears he had no trouble getting up on Tuesday.

In 1999, Sobotka came in second in the Zamboni Driver of the Year Award, as determined by the Zamboni News. Surely his latest stunt will push him over the top.

Perhaps Sobotka and Jesse Myshak should meet up for coffee. Myshak, who maintains a backyard rink in Canada, went viral last winter for driving a Zamboni through a Tim Hortons drive-through.

Maybe that’s next for Sobotka.


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