FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) — Farmington Hills police are warning residents to be on the look-out for thieves who are stealing wheels and tires off of cars.

Police say it’s happening in the area along Middlebelt Road between 10 and 14 Mile Roads, and the thieves appear to be targeting Ford model vehicles.

“They are removing the wheels and tires, and usually leaving the vehicles on blocks,” Lt. Paul Nicholas told WWJ.

Authorities believe the crimes are being committed by multiple groups, and there is no leading suspect at this time.

Nicholas offered some tips to help car owners protect their property, stating locals should consider purchasing wheel locks and keeping an eye on any suspicious behavior.

“Keep it as well lit as possible,” Nicholas said. “If you can get wheel locks that’s helpful. Those are lug nuts that have a special key to them that won’t allow a wheel to come off unless you have a key.

“Keep your eyes open. It’s important to report any suspicious behavior to us so we can respond, even if you just think it’s a car that doesn’t belong in the neighborhood.”

Anyone with information that could help identify the suspects involved in these thefts is encouraged to call the Farmington Hills Police Department command desk at 248-871-2610.


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