SANDUSKY, Ohio (WWJ) – Cedar Point has announced a record-breaking new ride, built atop what’s left of the defunct Mean Streak.

According to park officials, Steel Vengeance will be the tallest, fastest and longest hybrid roller coaster in the world.

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Steel Vengeance (PRNewsfoto/Cedar Point)

Although guests will recognize the wooden structure leftover from the Streak (a shaky, polarizing coaster that shut down in 2016).  Cedar Point says — with new steel track installed — Steel Vengeance will provide “an extremely smooth and comfortable ride” while performing maneuvers “previously unheard of on a wooden roller coaster.”

Steel Vengeance riders will board one of three trains and climb 205 feet above FrontierTown. Once they crest the lift hill, they’ll be staring straight down a 90-degree initial drop and a 200-foot fall. Multiple airtime hills follow, including the world’s fastest airtime hill ever created on a hybrid roller coaster, and a 116-foot-tall outer-banked hill placing riders on an outward tilt while moving forward.

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Steel Vengeance will also debut the first-of-its-kind “Twisted Snake Dive.” In this new maneuver, the coaster’s train will enter a half-barrel roll, hang upside-down for a brief moment and then turn back in the direction of travel, not completing a full roll. The coaster’s figure-eight layout will create “a fast-paced journey” with multiple airtime hills, twists and dives, overbanked turns and surprise maneuvers. The entire ride will last around 2 minutes, 30 seconds.

CP says Steel Vengeance introduces a new classification of roller coaster – the “hyper-hybrid” — combing a hybrid construction of smooth steel track set atop a wood support structure while also reaching a height of over 200 feet.

“This is another roller coaster that only Cedar Point could build – tallest, fastest and longest of its kind with four inversions and the exciting movements the hybrid design can achieve,” said Jason McClure, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. “There are so many unexpected moments on Steel Vengeance, it’s just plain twisted. It’ll be an extremely wild experience for our guests.”

Although Steel Vengeance won’t make its debut until 2018, the Sandusky, Ohio park remains open daily thought Sept. 4 and select weekend days through Oct. 29.

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[For park hours, tickets and more information, visit this link].