TROY (WWJ) – Neighbors in Troy thought something looked out-of-place with a number of men going to and from a particular house and apartment in recent weeks.

According to police, those suspicions led to at least three prostitution-related arrests in the Oakland County community within a four-day period.

While no names have been released, WWJ’s Charlie Langton reports those taken into custody included a woman who had recently moved into a home near Barnard Elementary School that was allegedly used as a house of ill repute. Men who frequented the house were often parking at the school, according to reports.

Another two arrests was made about Village Green of Troy East apartments on John R Road.

“They need to get them guys out of here, man. This is a really, really good neighborhood and we don’t need that nonsense out here,” said Darious Welch, who works in Troy.

Welch, who was among those surprised to hear about the arrests, said he doesn’t want to see this type of activity become a trend in the Detroit suburb.

“I really hope not; I really, really hope not. We have too many school kids around here. It’s not good for business, it’s really not,” Welch said. “I don’t want that business around here, I really don’t. And if they are out here they need to beware, because Troy isn’t playin’.”

India Woslowski, who works evenings in Troy, said she’s not even sure she would notice a prostitute if she saw one.

“I’m sure they’d have a lot shorter clothes than most people, but probably not,” she told Langton. She said she hopes that members of the community who do notice unusual activity will continue to tip-off police.

“Always watch out what’s going on. If you think something looks suspicious always call the police and let them know what you see.”

Police have not said they believe the two incidents are related. Charges are pending.

  1. Alleged? They need to update these laws man, common folk getting taken in for non-issues. Erotic Monkey is there for you when you need to stay off the eye of the cops though.

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