DETROIT (WWJ) – Wading through water coming under their Houston door, former residents of Dearborn abandoned their Texas home after being hit by floodwaters caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Huda Fahmy told WWJ once the waters recede, they will be high and dry in a different way.

“Our area had not been affected by floods in like 100 years,” said Fahmy. “We got assessed if we needed flood insurance, so we were like, this is the first year in the four years we’ve owned this house that we decided not to pay for flood insurance. And then this happens.”

They watched the rain come down in buckets Saturday night. Then they watched as the waters flowed over the curb – up the driveway – then above the car’s tires before reaching their doorstep.

“It was just a barrage — it was just raining, raining, raining, so strong and so heavy and the rain was just coming in and we were freaking out, and my son was asleep and we didn’t know what to do. We started lifting up furniture. It was really stressful,” she said.

Fahmy says they had to tread in knee-deep water in their neighborhood to reach a vehicle to get to safety.

“We were just not prepared,” she said.”We really didn’t know what the magnitude of this hurricane — we didn’t know it was going to hit us that bad.”

Fahmy says they are now staying at her father-in-law’s, but she is worried about her cat that remains at their home.


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