Staff Trapped Inside Mexican Bakery By Flood Bake Bread For Harvey Victims

What would you do if you were trapped in the midst of a catastrophe? Cry, stay stoic, call friends, panic, breathe into a paper bag?

No one knows until they’ve been there. And these guys were.

A team of bakers at a Mexican bakery in Houston, Texas were trapped inside their workplace when the flood waters started to rise around them. And they dug in, using every bit of the flour they had on hand to create hundreds of loaves of bread to help those in need around them.

When staff was finally able to get to them, they found the three men surrounded by all their hard work. The bakery’s photo of the men, smiling and with one giving the “thumbs up” sign, went viral

More than 400 supportive comments rolled in.

“Many Blessings back to the staff!! What a selfless act they’ve done. Thank you all for doing this for the people. Also for the cost of your ingredients & other cost to you. I believe your business will grow for your kindness,” Pamela Oneal Browning wrote.

The news got as far as South Africa, where Phoebe Jean Greenwood Burger wrote: “Awesome guys! I live in South Africa wonderful to see how you all stand together in a huge crisis. God Bless you all.”

Another commented that “love was put into those baked goods.”


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