By: Evan Jankens

You won’t meet many people over the age of 21 who haven’t placed a bet on the NFL in some way. Whether it’s on a game or fantasy football, there has been money placed.

Thanks to the Lions win over the New York Giants Monday night, one person is $250,000 richer.

According to the, a bettor had the Lions winning as their final bet in a five team parlay. The first four teams (Ravens, Patriots, Chiefs and Raiders) he had all took care of business Sunday.

In order to win Monday Night the bettor had his money on the money line, which means the Lions had to win the game outright in which they did.

According to MGM Resorts sports book director Jay Rood, the same bettor also won $30,000 on Sunday with a $5,000 three-team parlay on the Ravens, Chiefs and Raiders.

“He’s already on a free roll,” Rood said before the game.

If you’re curious how much this person had to bet to win $250,000, the answer was $8,500. This person might want to become a full-time bettor.


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