Trevor Peele

Mia Khalfia is an adult film star who tries to throw shade at famous athletes who slide into her DMs.

Whether it’s Chad KellyWillson Contreras or Duke Williams, she will call you out faster than you can actually type out your Instagram message.

She got a little taste of her own medicine when she tried hollering at Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield.

At first it was innocent enough.

After some backlash from Oklahoma fans, she did she say would be good to the QB.

Mayfield was quick to shoot down the offer with a tweet of his own that said, “Nah. I got my girl, I’m pretty lucky to have somebody like her in my life too.”

Rightfully so did he turn her down. His girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous.

Khalifa did own up to getting the cold shoulder.

I would like to say well done to both parties involved.