Hurricane Maria, Detroit, Puerto Rico, San Juan

DETROIT (WWJ) — San Juan’s Mayor says government response has been slow getting to people in hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico. Supplies and aide are slowly getting to the hands of people there.

Shelby Kotthoff, a Michigan native, who moved to San Juan two years ago when her husband started a company is back in Michigan after escaping Maria’s wrath.

Kotthoff and her family were lucky to get out, but she worries about those who are still stuck in San Juan.

“It’s just so scary to think there are people trapped in homes that people have not heard from, there are people who are on dialysis that will not be able to get treatment,” Kotthoff told WWJ Newsradio 950. “There are people who are elderly that couldn’t possibly clear their own driveway and get out.”

The couple and their kids are now working to recover from yet another hurricane that has hit their new home. Kotthoff says many on the island are in dire need after the widespread damage, and she calls the situation scary.

“We have no running water in our town so that’s such a huge issue for controlling diseases and keeping people healthy,” Kotthoff said. “A neighbor was building water attachment systems for everybody and people were bringing supplies, water purification tablets and things like that.”

Kotthoff and her family are currently in Metro Detroit waiting things out, but they hoping to return to the island soon.


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