TROY (WWJ) – Authorities are looking for a credit card thief with an appetite for fast food.

According to Troy police, the card in question was reported stolen by the daughter of a Brookdale Retirement Home resident. The wallet, which was found lying on a bathroom floor, was also missing $45 in cash.

Over the course of three days, investigators say the card was used toward nearly $70 in purchases at a half-dozen fast food joints — including Burger King, Popeye’s and Wendy’s restaurants in Warren, a KFC in Detroit and two area Tim Horton’s locations.

The thief apparently didn’t plan to flee too far, as he also bought $1 in gas with the card in Hazel Park, according to police.

The perpetrator is wanted on a charge of credit card fraud. No suspects have been named or described.


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  1. Credit card payments at the gas pump typically ring up as a $1 hold charge at the time of purchase, with the final total going through within the next few business days. I’m surprised you guys didn’t realize that!


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