PLYMOUTH (WWJ) – A local company is reaching out to help metro Detroit area veterans suffering from PTSD, using a high-tech program that targets the brain.

The technology is called “brain wave optimization” — an advanced biometric data collection system, which uses a person’s own brain signals to help correct imbalances that lead to a variety of problems.

Julie Lamphier, co-owner of the Brain Life Center in Plymouth and Clarkston says they’ve partnered with no soldiers left behind to offer FREE services to veterans living with PTSD.

“We will do this as long as the funds are available,” Lamphier said. “We want to get out the word out about the possibility if anyone knows of that that we can help to put them through the process, but we also want to get the word out for people to donate to No Soldiers Left Behind.”

Get the details about the service, or about how you can help, at


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