DETROIT (WWJ) – A truck driver is expected to be cited following an accident involving the QLINE streetcar in Detroit.

A spokesman for M-1 Rail said crash involved a long-bed truck and the QLINE at Willis and Woodward Avenue, early Thursday afternoon. EMS was requested by a QLINE operator for someone with back pain, but no further injuries were reported.

An investigation found that the truck driver was at fault, having pulled out in front of the streetcar, the spokesman said.

M-1 Rail officials said damage to the QLINE car was minor. As of 3 p.m., the one car was down with five others running, so any service delays were expected to be minimal.

The 66-foot-long QLINE cars carry up to 125 passengers each, sharing the road with traffic on Woodward, from Midtown to downtown, at speeds up to 35 mph.

Since the rail car launched on May 12 of this year, officials say the QLINE has been involved in about half a dozen fender benders. With that in mind, officials are asking people to be more careful driving and even walking around the QLINE to avoid future accidents.