Billboard Advertising 'Gay Hookups' Causes Controversy Billboard Advertising ‘Gay Hookups’ Causes Controversy – CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – Free speech or just too much?

An eye-popping billboard is turning heads along McNichols just east of I-75 on Detroit’s east side and causing a bit of controversy.

It features an advertisement for a website called along with the caption “Too hot for the app store,” and two men embracing each other. The website lets registered users search their local area for locations to hookup with other “gay or bi men.” Members can also review the locations, which include public gym locker rooms and shopping mall bathrooms, with star ratings.

Roland Robertson said he was stunned a billboard advertising male hookups would be allowed.

“It should be (taken down),” he said. “The way society is going now, you know, they putting everything out there.”

Mark Kolaj, of Royal Oak, said the billboard is not appropriate for the neighborhood.

“Actually, there’s a few churches around here and a few schools. This sends bad messages to the people, man, you know, like young kids right now and the way the times are, they need more help than ever. And images like this is not a good direction setter, you know,” he said. “I’m like old school mentality, you know, I’m Catholic so I believe in the bible and I believe that that is, like, one of the worst, oh man.”

Others, like Joe Lombard, say this is simply just free speech.

“I mean, I’m not necessarily for it,” he said. “But do I care for it? No. Do I want to see it? Not necessarily. But freedom of speech, they can do what they want.”

Another person who did not go on tape said the ad is no different than those for lingerie stores that feature scantily clad women.

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  1. Adam Stevens says:

    I drive to work everyday assaulted by billboards of trashy women with their breasts hanging out advertising lap dances at the local Spearmint Rhino.

    No complaints from any christians or heterosexuals about those, though.

    The hypocrisy of heterosexuals and ‘christians’ can boggle any intelligent being’s mind.

  2. Of course, you don’t seem to realize with this story, that the billboard is in the parking lot of a gay bathhouse.

    1. Why do you think that’s at all relevant? Other than throwing fuel at a fire, what possible difference does it make?

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