By: Evan Jankens

Being a glamorous swimsuit model isn’t as easy as it seems.

Some might think that it’s really easy to smile and look hot while wearing next to nothing. In fact it’s the exact opposite and Sports Illustrated’s top model Kate Upton knows how tough the job can get.

While shooting for the upcoming issue, Upton while not wearing a top managed to fall off some rocks while posing.

According to

Upton was standing on a rock, wearing nothing more than a tiered tulle skirt, before she painfully toppled into the water. The crew quickly came to her aid and helped her up.

But being the SI veteran that she is, Upton was photographed laughing off the incident while wrapped in a towel.

Upton is a true pro and I would assume we will be seeing a lot more of Upton as she will be cheering on her fiance Justin Verlander as the Astros take on the Yankees in the ALCS.



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