If you live in the metro Detroit area, odds are you see the Little Caesars logo on a daily basis. But I’m guessing you’ve never really LOOKED at it. I mean… it’s a guy in a toga holding pizza on a stick. Not exactly a Monet.

Which is why I’m willing to bet you didn’t notice that Little Caesars recently updated their logo — and now it includes a hidden message that you’ll never be able to unsee.

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The most noticeable change with the new logo is that the Caesar doesn’t have his luscious, curly chest hair anymore. Looks like he’s a modern guy now who isn’t afraid of a little manscaping.

Now, check out his toga. Notice anything different? The lines along the bottom of the toga actually spell out LC repeatedly. LC…Little Caesars.

(Credit: CBSDetroit)

It’s not just on their pizza boxes, either.

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Check out the roof of Little Caesars Arena. “LC LC LC LC.”

(Credit: Rob Kohn/The District Detroit)

If you take a look at Little Caesars’ older logos, or even the mascot, the toga design was either a square or a squiggly line that kind of looked like a G. Check out his wonky fingers, too.

(Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/GettyImages)

The Little Caesars Pizza mascots at the 2012 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl at Ford Field.
(Photo by Mark A. Cunningham/Getty Images)

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You’ll never look at the Little Caesars logo the same way ever again.