Police, Concealed Pistol License holder, Detroit, Highland Park

HIGHLAND PARK (WWJ) — A concealed pistol license holder has shot and killed a man in Detroit.

Highland Park officials have confirmed that it happened when two men dressed in all black came out from behind a gas station at Webb and Hamilton around midnight, and started shooting at the CPL holder, who was in a car at the gas station.

The CPL holder shot back at the two men and killed one of the shooters. The second shooter got away, while the CPL holder was not hurt.

“We are trying to put all of the pieces together to find out what exactly happened, why it happened and we are also looking for the other person that got away,” said Marli Blackman, spokesperson with Highland Park.

Blackman added that they don’t have too much information about the shooter that got away except that he was wearing all black.

Police are still investigating the incident.


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