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DETROIT (WWJ) — If you’re carving a pumpkin for Halloween, don’t throw the pulp or seeds down the drain.

With Halloween just around the corner, Roto Rooter has been getting a number of calls concerning clogged drains due to pumpkin seeds or pulp. Roto Rooter spokesman Paul Abrams said the pulp is stringy, sticky and turns into a crust, creating a potential mess in your drain.

“The pumpkin pulp tends to clog the drain pipe, tends to gum up garbage disposals,” Abrams said. “Sometimes they can be salvaged, sometimes they can’t. The pipes are so clogged with pumpkin pulp that over the counter products that you buy at the store don’t tend to work very well on it, and it usually requires a Roto Rooter type blade going through the pipe to clear it all out.”

Even washing your hands of the pulp and seeds in the sink can cause problems. Abrams said the little bit of pulp on your hands can possibly push your “drain over the edge” if there’s grease and other things built up in there.

“It doesn’t take very much of it,” Abrams said. “So if you got just a handful of that stuck on your skin and your drain is already maybe a little bit clogged or it’s got some grease built up in it the pulp rinsing off your hands down into the drain could be just the thing to send your drain over the edge and create a clog that will require some help.”

Abrams suggests maybe using an outside faucet when washing your hands after carving the pumpkin.

He added that it’s best to carve your pumpkins on a newspaper so you can easily throw it in the garbage or compost pile.


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