His legs are only five inches long, but his stature among those on the Wolverines’ campus is great. According to his human Michael Sola, University of Michigan visitors, faculty, staff and students — Reggie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one popular pup.

He’s a very good boy serving a great purpose as well. “I started bringing him down on campus and we trained him to be a therapy dog for all of the U of M students,” said Sola.

It’s a thrill for some to meet the little “living legend” as he’s been called. Getting a picture with Reggie is likely to garner a hint of internet fame.

Sola recognizing the positive impact Reggie has on the people he meets on campus who are often far from home said, “When they see Reggie, they get that feeling that they’re at home — that he’s their dog. When he smiles at them and comes up to them they feel so happy. They have a dog that loves them just like their dog at home does.”

This Eye on Detroit feature was first seen on CBS 62 during “CBS This Morning”. Check out more unique and positive Eye on Detroit stories from the Motor City and beyond


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