By Mickie McLeod

14 Castaways are left on this season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers! Have you been watching?  Here’s what you missed last night…

Reward Challenge

The first tribe to finish had won plates of yummy pastries along with ice cold coffee and tea!

This week, the three tribes battled it out in the style of… “the worm.”

This challenge was first introduced a few seasons ago and it always has been so funny to watch! The three tribes have to inch their way through the sand on their stomachs, looking like a bunch of inch-worms. While inching their bodies through the sand, the individual members have to push a ball with their sandy face down the course.  After all the members have inched the balls through the course, the tribes shoot the 5 balls into a basket. The first tribe to shoot all of their balls, win reward.

In the end, Ryan on Soko lost for his tribe as he couldn’t make his way up the hill with his ball. Levu and Yawa won the coffee reward.

Soko (Yellow Tribe)

After losing the Reward Challenge, Ryan laughs it off with his tribe members.  He explains that his biggest skill set is his social game, not much within the physical challenges.  “Everyone has failures in this game, you just don’t want that failure to get you voted out,” he says.

Meanwhile, the tribe is aligning well with him.  Ryan feels like he is in the middle of his two alliances, Roark and Allie, and his other alliance, Chrissy and JP.  Ryan is playing all sides and I’m a big fan of his game!

Yawa (Red Tribe)

The Cowboy/Marine, Ben, explains PTSD at the Yawa tribe this week.  After being startled from the fire-pit crackling, he explains the nightmares he had while serving in the marines.

“The past will eat you alive…” Ben says. “It’s looking forward to the future that drives you.”  For this game of Survivor, Ben is using his drive to keep him going and staying strong.

Meanwhile, at Yawa, Cole is chowing down and seems to be eating all of the tribe’s food.  Lauren isn’t pleased with his sloppy behavior.

Jessica is trying to distance herself from her “romance” with Cole for a bit, as she takes a walk with her ally, Mike, who she trusts completely.  Because they both know where the Hidden Immunity Idol was buried at their last camp, Jess and Mike decide to look in the same place at their new camp, by the watering well.  Since they knew Joe had found his idol by the first well, Mike decides to start digging at this well too.  Sure enough, Mike finds a Hidden Immunity Idol and celebrates with Jess.

Was Mike smart to share his finding with Jessica?

Levu (Blue Tribe)

There’s not much happening with the Levu tribe this week.  After the blindside of Alan at last Tribal, Ashley is feeling like she’s on the bottom of her tribe.  However, Devin says he wants to align with her as they continue on.

Immunity Challenge

Immunity is back up for grabs!

The Immunity Challenge was a heavy one.  The three tribes had to retrieve three large bags of rice from the ocean and make their way back to shore through a series of obstacles.

After climbing a large post and balancing across a beam in the ocean, the tribes had to tear apart their three bags of wet, soggy, heavy rice and find three balls.  After finding the balls, the tribes had to complete a maze with them.

The first two tribes that won the challenge were Yawa and Levu.  That meant that Soko was sent to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

Where does the trust lay among the tribe?  You only really know when Tribal Council hits!

After the Immunity Challenge, Chrissy seemed to be fighting for her life in the game, so she met with the girls, Ali and Roark.  Chrissy convinced the girls to vote along with her so she could potentially be safe from this week’s vote at Tribal.  However, both Ali and Roark weren’t having it.

JP, formerly on the Heroes tribe with Chrissy,  agreed to vote with her at Tribal.  It was Ryan who was the swing vote.

Ryan had formed an alliance with both Ali and Chrissy, specifically.   He said he knew one of his alliances would break tonight, but his decision would help him further his game.

In the end, Ryan chose to vote with Chrissy and save her from leaving.  This led to Roark being voted out this week on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

What a season it’s been so far! 1/3 of Survivor is done already and we can clearly see who the more strategic castaways are!  Who is your favorite?  I’m a big fan of the bellhop-hustler, Ryan!

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