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Fall is here! There is a chill in the air, and everyone knows what’s right around the corner. You have probably turned your furnace on by now, but how can you make sure the heat your system is generating stays in the house?

Proper Ventilation and R Factors are Crucial

Your roof, attic, insulation and heating and cooling as a system.  They work together to make your home comfortable year round. If one component is not doing its job, you may still be comfy, but you’re losing efficiency. If you are hot in the summer, or cold in the winter, with your furnace or A/C on, there is almost certainly a problem in your attic.

Is your Attic Helping or Hurting?

Go into your attic and look around. You can measure the overall R value of the insulation by measuring the depth and multiplying by the R value of the product. Fiberglass and cellulose insulation have slightly different R-Values. Look for foam baffles, and confirm that they are installed correctly, and that the soffit vents are creating that draft to your rooftop outlets. Look for signs of condensation – a red flag that the ventilation ratio is not correct. Here in Michigan, we recommend insulating up to R-60 for the best protection, which is 16 inches of cellulose insulation. To get the full R Value, the depth must be consistent across the entire attic.

Once you have the insulation and ventilation taken care of, there is one more step to take to supercharge your energy efficiency. Kanga Roof, a Hire It Done pre-screened contractor, has an exclusive radiant barrier insulation blanket to make sure you are keeping your house comfortable and efficient. The radiant barrier works by reflecting radiant heat up toward the roof in the summer, and down back into the house in the winter. Radiant barrier is installed on top of the insulation, and can result in as much as 15% energy savings, plus it can extend the life of your heating and cooling system – potentially saving you thousands.

If you are not sure how to tell if your insulation and ventilation are at maximum performance, book an appointment with Kanga Roof for a free attic inspection. They will check the condition of the roof, ventilation and the insulation. When you book your attic inspection through hireitdone.com, Kanga Roof will give you a FREE wi-fi enabled smart thermostat. If attic could use some work, they will also give you a 10% discount on any job. That’s a nice savings! Visit the specials page at hireitdone.com and schedule your free inspection today!


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