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DETROIT — The Detroit Tigers are in full rebuild mode and look like they are in for a few rough years. However, if you think they are still somehow going to contend for anything next year and willing to place a bet then you could make a lot of money if the Tigers actually win the World Series.

While the World Series is still in full swing, Westgate Las Vegas Superbook has already released its odds for next year’s MLB season and the Tigers are a long shot to win the World Series. They are actually the LONGEST shot to win it all next year.

The Tigers have by far the lowest odds to win the 2018 World Series at 300-to-1. That means if you bet $100 and the Tigers somehow win it all, you’d take home $30,000 — of course taxes and other charges would play a role in that so it wouldn’t be exactly $30,000 but you get the point. So like I said, if you think Detroit will shock the baseball world and beat those odds then you have a lot to gain by placing a bet on the Tigers. Just realize no one in Las Vegas shares that same opinion.

The Tigers are truly in a class of their own with these odds. The next lowest odds for any team is 80-to-1, which is where the Miami Marlins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Minnesota Twins, Kansas City Royals, Oakland Athletics, Philadelphia Philies, Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres are all slotted. So the Tigers have nearly four times as bad odds to win the World Series as the next worst teams. That says a lot about what Vegas thinks about the Tigers next year.

Westgate also released their opening odds for the Tigers to win the American League pennant. Those odds are listed at 150-to-1 so half of the World Series odds. Basically, Westgate doesn’t see the Tigers winning too many games next year at all.

If you were wondering, the Los Angeles Dodgers are considered the favorites to win next year’s World Series at 5-to-1 odds. Right behind the Dodgers are the Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians at 6-to-1.


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