DETROIT (WWJ) – Make sure your kids get all treats and no tricks this Halloween.

It’s easy to find out who lives in your neighborhood — with a nifty tool on the county website Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard told WWJ. [MORE INFO HERE]

“You can search your home address or the neighborhood your child is going to go trick-or-treating,” says Bouchard. “We suggest that you do that, so that you, if you are taking them out – or they – if they are a little bit older know what house to potentially to avoid, to stay away from, or maybe even the block – it’s a good idea quite frankly, year round, just to be an awareness level of where your kids should be walking back and forth in front of from school.”

Bouchard says patrols will be out making sure families stay safe on Tuesday night – especially watchful for driver who are not paying attention to their surroundings.

Here are some safety reminders for a smooth trick-or-treating experience.

Start by ensuring your children’s costumes are flame retardant and fit properly.

Luminaries, jack-o-lanterns and candles are festive decorations but could pose hazards at this time of year.

Some masks can obstruct vision so make sure they line up with the eyes.

Long princess dresses should be hemmed so little Cinderella doesn’t take a tumble. Also, make sure the shoe fits! Tell her that wearing mom’s high heels are not safe for walking the neighborhood.

Explain that you need to fasten reflective tape to their costumes and bags to help drivers see them better in the dark. They might think it’s cool.

If you’re not escorting your pre-teens, give them flashlights, advise them to walk in groups and eat only factory-wrapped treats. Happy Halloween!

For more information click on here: Consumer Product Safety and the Centers for Disease Control.


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