DETROIT (WWJ) – Former Detroit Tigers Pitcher Justin Verlander will take the mound tonight as his new team, the Houston Astros, try to win the World Series title over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

But University of Detroit Mercy Marketing Professor Mike Bernacchi is focused on different success for Verlander. He says the only thing Verlander doesn’t have these days is an ad.

And he doesn’t think tonight’s outcome matters:

“It doesn’t make any difference – it would be nice if he closes down and closes out the Dodgers — who would have thought? He’s such an exquisite individual, well liked by the fans, well liked by his colleagues, ballplayers, well spoken. Listen, Mr. Verlander is a perfect spokesperson,” says Bernacchai.

Bernacchi says Ford or General Motors should capitalize on Verlander’s qualities… especially at a time like this. Even though he’s gone to Texas now, he says people look at Verlander as a “Detroit product.”


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